Art Consultation

Expert advice for private and corporate art acquisitions.

Corporate Art Collection Wilf Perreault

For corporate and private collectors, our personalised art consultation can help you build a meaningful and valuable collection. With over 50 years of experience, Mayberry Fine Art has been entrusted to advise on major acquisitions displayed in corporate and private collections across Canada. Our experts in historical and contemporary Canadian and International art help you navigate the process of collecting whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned collector. Our experts advise on what art pieces would best fit your desired display location and consider your budget, taste and needs. Every step of the way, Mayberry Fine Art is able to assist you in building a valuable collection that reflects your interests, values and personal taste. 

Corporate Art Consultation

Corporate art consultation is available for businesses that want to display art in their offices, as well as those building corporate art collections. Mayberry Fine Art assists your business in choosing the right pieces for your work environment and provides valuable advice on how art can benefit your business. Corporate art collections have risen exponentially in popularity as many business owners are recognising how art in the office can enhance the ambience of your office for both your employees and clients. By announcing your business’ vision and values, art distinguishes your business from your competitors by creating a space that fosters creativity and innovation. 

In Canada, purchasing or leasing Canadian art for your business is especially advantageous because it can be classed as a business asset. Our low interest financing options help make acquiring art for your business hassle-free and manageable. To learn more about elevating your business’ surroundings with art, contact one of our Canadian Art Experts today. 

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Private Art Consultation

Private art consultation is available for people looking to buy and sell works of art. If you are looking to purchase pieces of art for yourself to display in your home, cottage or just to expand your collection, private art consultation with Mayberry Fine Art can help you with all aspects of your journey. Consultation services are provided for those looking to begin building or expanding their art collection. We take into account the location the art will be displayed and help decide what best fits your needs and taste. Specialising in both historical and contemporary art from Canada and around the world enables us to help you select the perfect piece to add to your collection.

Art can be part of wealth management strategies and multigenerational planning as an asset in a considered and diversified portfolio. Art with historical relevance or significant opportunity for growth can maintain or incur value as time passes if it is preserved correctly in a stable market. Private art consultation can help maintain your investment by advising you on high risk or substantial art investments. A key finding of a 2021 Deloitte Art and Finance Report found that 85% of Wealth Managers believed art should be included in wealth management services. Now more than ever art is both an emotional and capital asset.

If you are deciding to sell your art, Mayberry Fine Art can help advise you on what best sales route to take, as well as determine market value through assessments and appraisals.

If you are interested in private or corporate art consultation, please call us at 204-255-5690 or email us at i[email protected].