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Experienced providers of current market value assessments and estate or insurance appraisals.

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Do you need an assessment or an appraisal?

Assessment Vs Appraisal

Mayberry Fine Art is pleased to offer both Fine Art assessments and appraisal services. Assessments and appraisals are made by our team of experts specialising in Canadian and International art, continuously following market patterns to ensure our assessments and appraisals are accurate and reliable. As a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada, Mayberry Fine Art is committed to providing rigorous and reliable assessments and appraisals.

Learn more about our assessment and appraisal services below. 

Assessments are an informal way to determine the value of a piece that may go on to be sold, but they are also useful if you are not planning to sell. Assessments give you an understanding of what a piece is worth and help you plan what the best next step is should you want to sell it in the future. Our assessments help advise those looking into consignment, private brokerage and auction. This option is preferable to collectors who have inherited work and are unsure of its value. Following an initial assessment, an appraisal may be in order if the works in question are of considerable value. 

Appraisals are the formal process by which monetary value is determined of a piece of art for insurance or tax purposes. Our trusted experts contextualise a work’s price through analysis of the current art market, comparable pieces and their value, using over 50 years of experience in determining the value of a piece of art. Provenance, condition and historical relevance are also taken into account. Mayberry Fine Art’s appraisal process is a trusted and reliable way to gain a valued judgement on a piece of work that needs financial appraisal. 

How much is my art worth?

To ascertain the value of your piece - either for resale or insurance purposes - a preliminary assessment is needed. With Mayberry Fine Art’s trusted advisors and experts, your work will be given a thorough and reputable assessment. The gallery’s Canadian Art Experts have provided valuable judgements on a wide range of pieces, both historical and contemporary. We take into account a work’s condition, historical significance and provenance to provide an accurate valuation. Depending on what steps a collector would like to take with their pieces will determine whether an assessment or appraisal would be needed. If you would like to find out how much your art is worth, please email any images of the piece alongside any information you may have regarding the artist, dimensions and provenance to [email protected]

If you are deciding to sell your art, Mayberry Fine Art can help advise you on what best sales route to take, as well as determine market value through assessments and appraisals. Our Canadian Art Experts have extensive experience in the commercial art market in private sales, auction houses and consignment. Our experts can talk you through the processes behind these options and help you decide what sales avenue is right for you. 

Valuation Submission Form

To submit artwork for valuation or assessment complete the form below or email similar detail and images to [email protected]

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